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“The Friendly Bunch welcomes all the new girls on the campus and invites them to the house to become acquainted. The organization aims to provide a place where the girls can meet and find friends among other girls. All girls are asked to come and join in the good times.”

- USC Student Handbook 1925-6

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“Don’t make assembly time an excuse for parading in the halls and talking to every one you see. “Don’t talk about your fraternity. It shows how you were raised. “Don’t antagonize the seniors and juniors by wearing corduroys on the campus. Your time will come soon enough. “Don’t smoke on the campus. It gives too […]

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Kristopher Patrick

Policy, Planning and Development
Oakland, CA

Kristopher recommends:

  • Checking out SCampus
    My first piece of USC memorabilia was my SCampus. I requested it because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to apply here, but then after reading it, I said, “This is my number one choice! I want to go here.” I liked the photos, the way the students described the school and how they felt about USC. And then obviously after coming here, I fell in love with it.
  • Rising and shining
    Crew’s motto is — “By 8 a.m., I’ve done twice as much as you have.” We have practice pretty much every day either at 5 or 5:30 a.m., so I get up before anyone on campus, basically. It’s difficult juggling classes, personal life, rowing, an on-campus job. But I feel like juggling a lot of things makes you a better time manager.
  • Showing your pride
    I work for the LGBT Resource Center. I’m the assistant to the director, so I’m basically the right-hand man: ordering supplies, helping set up events on campus. I’m planning the Second Chance Prom and then also our Lavender Graduation. I also speak on panels on and off campus for people who just have general questions about LGBT issues.
  • Going pro
    The Career Center is great. They completely helped me revamp my résumé and my cover letter. After I revamped my résumé, I submitted it to the director of the LGBT Resource Center, and that’s when I got my job. And the Trojan network is world famous: for most of my internships, the first- and second-round interviews were conducted by Trojans.
  • Stepping into Mudd
    I love Mudd Hall. It has this Old World feel to it. It reminds me of Game of Thrones. And the library itself reminds me of Harry Potter. It’s quiet, and when the wind blows, you hear the creaking of the building. It’s just cool. And the people who work behind the desks are really friendly.