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“Barber shop is in the basement of the Student Union Building. With the variety and preferences of hair styles today, you will have to check this out for yourself. Careful girls, this is not a beauty parlor!”
SCampus 1973-74

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Grant Derderian

Computer Science & Business Administration
Pasadena, CA

Grant recommends:

  • Orienting yourself
    Orientation is a place where you’re just thrown into the USC environment as a taste before you come back in the fall. So have fun. Don’t be shy. Soak up as much information as you can about USC, because it’s a lot for two days. Get to meet some early friends, and make friends with your Orientation Adviser, too. I’m still friends with mine. They’re such a great resource.
  • Eating like a Trojan
    I have the gold meal plan: that’s the unlimited swipes plus $500 dining dollars. I really like that plan, because it lets me go to any one of the great restaurants that USC has. So I can take advantage of the food at Parkside, or eat at Lemonade or any of the awesome places in the Tutor Campus Center.
  • Clubbing at USC
    There are so many different clubs and organizations. We have a digital forensics organization at USC. That is the coolest thing ever to me: that there’s a group of students who get together literally to discuss computer security and that sort of thing.
  • Visiting office hours
    All the faculty, they’re willing to get to know you. They take whatever steps they need to make sure you succeed. They’re really friendly, too. So do the practical stuff. Do things like visit during office hours, ask questions about the material, get to know them.