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“Don’t forget that the university gives you her name; don’t disgrace it.

Don’t forget that prep school jewelry is in the same class as nursing-bottles and suspenders and all that should be left at home.

Don’t major in ‘queening;’ give some time to your studies.

Don’t run down the buildings; Lincoln studied in a log cabin.

Don’t forget that your mom expects a great deal from you.”

–The Handbook of USC 1914-1915

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Loan Verneau

Interactive Media MFA candidate
Boulogne-Sur-Mer, France

Loan recommends:

  • Talking to everyone
    As an international student, interacting with other students is something that you have to do if you want to enjoy life around here. Talk as much as you can with the people around you. Don’t hesitate to ask about things you don’t know.
  • Exercising to unwind
    We have an awesome swimming pool at the Lyon Center with a hot tub next to it. There’s also a sauna, which is awesome! That’s a great way to relax. Otherwise, I go hiking. There are some amazing national forests, such as the San Bernardino National Forest.
  • Discovering hidden gems
    Campus has a lot of nice secrets, like little hidden gardens. In between the buildings for the Thornton School of Music there are parks, benches and trees. The music students are always practicing, so you can listen to music. It’s very cool and relaxing.
  • Munching on umami
    L.A. has some of the greatest burgers in the U.S., and gosh, they’re good! There is, of course, Umami Burger. You have the crisp, cooked outer meat, and the juiciness of the inside. Then crispy lettuce, a good bun and carmelized onions. It explodes in your mouth!