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“Don’t forget that the university gives you her name; don’t disgrace it.

Don’t forget that prep school jewelry is in the same class as nursing-bottles and suspenders and all that should be left at home.

Don’t major in ‘queening;’ give some time to your studies.

Don’t run down the buildings; Lincoln studied in a log cabin.

Don’t forget that your mom expects a great deal from you.”

–The Handbook of USC 1914-1915

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Member Service Representative, Student Account Services: Alice Brown
 Cashier’s Office
 (213) 740-7471
 Student Union 100 (until August 31) Student Union 106
 (after September 1) The Cashier’s Office offers a check cashing service to all students and employees with current university identification and a valid driver’s license. This service is available only for first party personal […]

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Priscilla Hernandez

International Relations
West Covina, CA

Priscilla recommends:

  • Centro-ing yourself
    I would really recommend that students go to cultural centers — CBCSA, APASS, El Centro Chicano — because those are places where people can help you. I was feeling overwhelmed when I came here. But then once I went to El Centro Chicano, I met people. They told me who to contact, what to do. They gave me tips on doing well in school. El Centro Chicano is very welcoming. It’s colorful, it’s like my home and it really helped me adjust to USC.
  • Joining the sister act
    I decided to join a sorority, which is awesome. The sorority is part of the Multicultural Greek Council, so it’s mostly Latinas, but we have all kinds of members. It’s one of the best things I’ve done so far, because now I have a family here. I study with my sisters all the time; we do events; we do philanthropy. I would recommend it.
  • Playing in the majors
    If you don’t know your major, don’t panic. I have sisters in my sorority who have changed their major three times. And it’s okay. You have time. So don’t think that you need to figure it all out, because that’s what college is about. Try different classes out or get a minor. And talk to your advisers. Just be open to new experiences!
  • Exploring LA
    Take the tram to Union Station, and from there you can go to Olvera Street; they have good food there. Little Toyko — they have good ramen, and it’s really pretty. Take the Hollywood Sign hike, which is right next to Griffith Observatory. And if you can save the money, go to Disneyland. Go to Universal Studios or CityWalk. And even Downtown LA — Grand Central Market, Angels Flight. Those areas have a lot of history.