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Academic Support Programs

Patricia Tobey, Associate Dean
(213) 740-0776
Student Union 301

Academic support programs contribute to a collaborative approach to learning in the academic community. Upper division students, graduate students, faculty and staff are dedicated to facilitating a coordinated program of mentoring and academic enrichment in a university-wide effort to address your individual needs.

Academic Success Seminars and Learning Enrichment Workshops

Seminars and learning enrichment workshops are provided in goal setting, time management, examination-taking strategies, study techniques, power reading, writing term papers, concentration and memory improvement, and critical thinking. These workshops are designed to help you adapt effective learning techniques to your own learning styles. A complete list of current workshops is published in the Schedule of Classes (


The center offers tutoring in selected subjects for all USC students. Tutors, who are part of a nationally certified tutorial program, will work with you on a one-on-one basis, including evening hours and on weekends. Before you begin working with a tutor, you must first complete the tutor request form available online at

New Student Academic Intervention Program

The New Student Academic Intervention Program is designed to assist first-time enrolled freshmen and undergraduate transfer students. The program facilitates the academic success as well as the personal growth and welfare of first-year students at USC. Information concerning academic support, counseling, advisement and other services are electronically emailed to every first-time enrolled student throughout the fall semester.

Students have the opportunity to meet in person or communicate via email with experienced staff members at the university. Staff members can provide assistance with any number of valuable resources available on campus. Additional follow-up information concerning academic performance from the fall semester and referrals are provided during the beginning of the spring semester, if needed, to students and their academic advisers in various schools. For more information, visit

Support Centered Program

Students in the Support Centered Program (SCP) are selected through the regular university admissions process. SCP participants are provided with learning support services in collaboration with other appropriate offices and campus professionals. SCP students receive guidance in class selection, major choice, academic skills and personal concerns. The program encourages students to be actively involved in their own learning processes. Additional information can be found online at

Undergraduate Success Program

As a major support to scholars of the Neighborhood Academic Initiative program (NAI), the Undergraduate Success Program (USP) is designed to encourage academic and personal success at USC. USP provides orientation to the Center for Academic Support, individualized and group academic consultation, mentoring opportunities and a general referral system to university programs and services. More information about USP can be found at

USC Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity (KCLC)

This new center was developed for students who learn differently and wish to receive academic support. Students who have a learning difference, a documented learning disability, ADHD or other learning challenges are encouraged to use the KCLC. At the KCLC, students are paired with an academic coach and/or tutor, have access to assistive technology, can study in a quiet environment and receive guidance about their preferred ways of learning.

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