B.14.00 Admissions Violations Review

In cases where false and/or inaccurate information is believed to have been submitted by, or on behalf of, a prospective student prior to enrollment, if academic or behavioral violations occur, or if there is a failure to provide all requested information/documents, the director of admission will conduct a special admissions review.

This ad hoc review of the case may result in action(s) including a delay of enrollment or revocation of admission from the university. All pertinent documents will be reviewed and the prospective student may be asked to provide additional information regarding his or her application to the university.

A decision will be reached by the director and communicated in writing to the prospective student. Formal hearing procedures and protections cited in the Student Conduct Code, Section 12.30 and 12.40, do not apply to this review process. There is no appeal of a special admissions review.

If the student is enrolled at the university when concerns about admissions violations arise, the case will be referred to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards for review.