E.5 What To Do If You Have Been or Are Being Stalked

  • If you feel you are in danger, immediately call the USC Department of Public Safety (DPS) at (213) 740-4321. If you are off campus, contact local law enforcement.
  • Contact support services such as the USC Center for Women and Men at (213) 740-4900. Staff there can help develop a safety plan, seek a temporary restraining order or other no-contact orders, and provide counseling.
  • Try to retain documentation of the stalking incidents such as messages, texts, and/or other items.
  • Keep a log of the dates and ways that the other person contacted you or attempted to contact you.

You may make a formal report to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards (SJACS) at (213) 821-7373.

Other inappropriate conduct may also be disclosed confidentially to the Center for Women and Men or reported formally without confidentiality to the Department of Public Safety, the Los Angeles Police Department, or directly to SJACS or to the Title IX Coordinator for the university. Other such inappropriate conduct may include: repeated telephone or email contacts of a lewd or obscene nature, personal threats, stalking, domestic violence and sexual harassment.

Students who have been stalked or are the survivors of gender-based abuse or harm may receive confidential assistance from the USC Center for Women and Men and from the Engemann Student Health Center. The Engemann Student Health Center staff is required to file an anonymous report on behalf of the student and to refer the student to the USC Center for Women and Men immediately upon receiving such a report. A student who informs the Engemann Student Health Center staff about experiencing stalking will be informed of this requirement and will be assured of the confidentiality of any ensuing contact that may be made by the USC Center for Women and Men. All other university personnel who have been deemed Campus Security Authorities are required to notify the USC Department of Public Safety upon receiving a report of stalking. Gender-based stalking may be reported directly to the Title IX Coordinator, (213) 740-5086.



Revised July 2013.