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Employment and Internships

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There are two types of jobs you can hold while attending school: work-study and non work-study.


To be eligible for Federal Work-Study, you must apply for financial aid, demonstrate financial need and be awarded work-study in your Statement of Financial Aid Eligibility.

Federal Work-Study awards range from $800-3,500 per year. If you have Federal Work-Study eligibility listed on your statement, you can work for an employer in an approved Federal Work-Study job (most are located on campus).

Job Openings

Job openings are posted online with connectSC. Visit to sign up. Many departments advertise in the Daily Trojan, on posted flyers around campus or through word-of-mouth. The Career Center can also help with your search.


Wages vary depending on the employer and the position. If you work on campus (work-study or not), you will be paid every two weeks for the number of hours worked during the previous pay period.

Non Work-Study

If you have not been awarded work-study in your financial aid package, please visit the Career Center or look on connectSC at for help in finding open positions.


Internships provide students with an opportunity to gain practical work experience for an edge on the job market after graduation.

How can I find an internship?

  • Register online at
  • Visit the Career Center and speak with an internship adviser.
  • Inquire at your academic department for internship opportunities.
  • Check connectSC listings ( and the iNet Internship Consortium (accessed through connectSC).
  • Use the Career Center library and other locations to search publications.
  • Check out USC Career Fairs and other job fairs, professional associations, student organizations and community service/volunteer groups.
  • Explore Internet job search sites. Links to many sites can be found on the Career Center Website (
  • Generate contacts through friends, family, current/former employers, classmates, faculty members, clubs and other networking avenues.

Are internships paid?

An internship can be paid or non-paid. If the internship is paid, academic credit is not necessary. When the internship is not for pay, you must receive academic credit. For detailed information, please contact the Career Center.

When should I start looking for an internship?

The second semester of your freshman year is considered an early start. Allow yourself at least one semester of academic study to adjust to the rigors of life at USC.

During the academic year, it is a good idea to begin looking for an internship the semester prior to your desired placement.

How can I earn academic credit for my internship?

To obtain academic credit for an internship, you need to contact the appropriate academic department to make the necessary arrangements.

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