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Finals are held over approximately eight days at the end of each semester. The schedule of final examinations is available in the Schedule of Classes (

You are advised to plan in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts during your final examinations. However, if you are scheduled for two final examinations at the same time or you are scheduled for more than two final examinations on one day, an attempt will be made to make alternate arrangements. You should contact the appropriate department administrator or the Center for Testing and Assessment.

In handling the stress of final examinations, you may want to consult the dean or associate dean of religious life or one among the wide spectrum of religious directors, all of whom are available for counseling. You can reach them at (213) 740-6110. In addition, Student Counseling Services continues to offer its services during finals, and counselors are available during daytime hours.

Examination Conflicts with Religious Holy Days

When an examination falls at a time that conflicts with your observance of a legitimate religious holiday, instructors must accommodate a request for an alternate examination date.

You must discuss a final examination conflict with the professor no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled examination date to arrange an acceptable alternate examination date. In doubtful cases, you or the instructor will want to confer with the dean of religious life by contacting (213) 740-6110.

Administrative Examinations

Center for Testing and Assessment
Najib Al-Samarrai, Associate Director
(213) 740-7166
3601 Trousdale Parkway, Student Union 301 support/cta

The university offers four administrative examinations: placement examinations, university writing examinations, equivalency examinations and subject credit by special examination. Detailed descriptions and explanations of university policies that govern each of the administrative exams can be found in the USC Catalogue.

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