D.3 Guidelines for Campus Demonstrations

All student members of the university community have the right to hold a demonstration (including, but not limited to, a rally, gathering, protest, parade or procession) on campus. Any property damages related to the demonstration may result in the assessment of fees associated with cleaning or repair costs to either the organization or the individuals.

Reservations and prior arrangements are not required for campus demonstrations. However, if students do not make advance reservations, their event may be moved or rescheduled in order to accommodate previously scheduled reservations, in accordance with the university’s right to establish reasonable time, place, and manner for campus events.

All demonstrations are encouraged to follow these guidelines, which serve as a mechanism to ensure a successful and safe demonstration:

  1. Reservations for outdoor spaces or other venues to conduct campus demonstrations are encouraged and should be made through the Student Life and Involvement (SLI) Scheduling Office online at usc.edu/campuscenter. These spaces are made available to the campus community on a first-come, first-served basis. Students may also reserve space to protest approved speakers, presenters or programs as long as those protests are consistent with the guidelines stated in the Reasonable Time, Place and Manner section of this policy.
  2. Representatives of the sponsoring organization wishing to stage a demonstration are encouraged to complete an Outdoor Event Questionnaire and a USC Event Permit Application at least two weeks prior to the demonstration. The SLI staff will check on the availability of the venue requested and can facilitate communication with Safety and Risk Management, Operations and Maintenance, Public Safety and Student Affairs, as needed.
  3. Representatives of the organization sponsoring a demonstration are encouraged to attend a meeting with the Director of Campus Activities or other Student Affairs staff so that expectations, rights and responsibilities are mutually understood. The sponsoring organization is responsible for the behavior of the organization’s members and of guests from off campus. Informing these members and guests of the university’s expectations is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization’s representatives. The sponsoring organization’s representatives should also explain to the organization’s members and guests the individual and organizational implications for failure to adhere to these expectations.
  4. When a campus demonstration is scheduled, organizers can expect the university personnel present (typically staff from the Division of Student Affairs) to help ensure that organizers’ rights are protected and the university’s regular and essential operations and activities continue. Such regular and essential operations and activities include, but are not limited to, classes, meetings, and the standard operation of university offices and facilities. As the university is concerned about the entire university community and visitors, particular attention will be spent on managing crowds, maintaining access to buildings, sidewalks, streets, etc. and personal safety for all.

Revised July 2013.