D.5 Literature and Publications Distribution

I. General Regulations

  1. This policy applies to students and student organizations and establishes time, place and manner regulations. It will be interpreted and applied so as to respect all federal and state constitutional and statutory rights. (Off-campus organizations, individuals or vendors should consult the policy on Solicitations by Off-Campus Persons, and section IX Vendors in the policy on Sales and Fund-raising. )
  2. The Division of Student Affairs oversees the in-person distribution of literature (including posters, handbills and pamphlets) and publications on the campus and the compliance of individuals and organizations with this policy.
  3. All university students and recognized organizations may distribute literature anywhere on campus provided such distribution does not affect the scheduled activities in that area and does not interfere with the essential operations of the university.
  4. Designated bins are for official university publications only
  5. No preprinted manually inserted sheets of information (flyers, advertisements or any other information message sheets) are allowed inside the pages of any official university publication.

II. Banners

Banners may only be mounted on campus buildings if:

  1. Permission is obtained by the occupants of the building
  2. Such banners are professionally produced
  3. They meet design criteria established by the university architect’s office
  4. They are consistent with the university’s graphic identity guidelines
  5. Such banners are for identification of the academic program, department or school housed within the building on which the banner is mounted. Banners may not be mounted on guide wires suspended between campus buildings.

III. Trousdale Light Post Banners

  1. The SCheduling Office maintains 11 light post locations on Trousdale Parkway for pole panels. The light poles may be reserved by recognized student organizations or campus departments at least four weeks prior to the desired first date of banner display.
  2. Panels may only be mounted if such banners:
  • are professionally produced;
  • meet design criteria established by the university architect’s office;
  • are consistent with the university’s graphic identity guidelines;
  • are for identification of the academic program, department or event.

3.  In addition, pole panels must:

  • be produced at the suggested university vendor (contact the SCheduling Office);
  • fit the dimensions of the existing mounting hardware (2’ by 4’);
  • use a minimum of five of the eleven available poles.

If the proposed banner design includes text, such text must prominently feature the name of the campus organization and the name of the campus event.

4.  A copy of the proposed panel design should be submitted to the SCheduling Office at least four weeks prior to the desired first date of banner display.

5.  The reserving organization will arrange for the light pole panel installation and removal. Charges will be the responsibility of the student organization or campus department.

6.  A representative from the student organization or campus department is responsible for meeting the light pole panel installer at installation and removal of panels to deliver and accept their panels.

7.  The student organization or campus department is responsible for the storage of their pole panels.

IV. Violations

  1. Non-compliance with any of the provisions of these guidelines will constitute a violation.
  2. All printed materials in violation of these policies will be removed. Costs incurred for the removal of such materials can be charged to the person, persons or organization responsible for the violation.
  3. Any violation or continued violations of these guidelines will be handled in accordance with the severity of the infraction, and will include one or more of the following responses:
  • Written warnings
  • Assessments for damage to facilities and/or assessed a $1 per flyer violation fee or the cost for removal
  • Denial of future posting and other privileges, including the ability to schedule on-campus facilities for events and/or assessed a $1 per flyer violation fee
  • Appropriate on-campus judicial proceedings through the Office of Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards
  • Appropriate legal action in local, state or federal courts of competent jurisdiction

V. Responsibility for Content

An individual or organization shall be personally responsible for the content of any sign, notice, poster or other material referenced herein, which the individual or organization sponsors or posts on campus.

Advertisements or promotions on campus or in university publications and activity programs do not imply official endorsement by the university.

VI. Helpful Hints

  1. In the interest of a free exchange of ideas, we recommend that an organization or individual comply with a request from any and all members of the university community for a copy of the material being distributed.
  2. Whenever literature is distributed by more than five individuals in any campus area at the same time, we recommend an Event Request process that ensures prior notification to area occupants regarding the activity, works to alleviate misunderstandings, lessens the chance for actions against individuals or organizations distributing literature, allows separation from other groups wanting to distribute literature, and works to alleviate impediments to the flow of traffic across campus or into entrances or out of exits of campus buildings. (If more than five individuals will be distributing literature in the same campus area at the same time, we recommend that a representative complete an Event Request form and obtain event confirmation., and that a representative be present with a copy of the SCheduling Office confirmed Event Request Form, Confirmations are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.       (This paragraph does not apply to normal academic activities within the program of any school of the university.) 3. If any literature contains language other then English, in the interest of a free exchange of ideas we request that a copy of the translated information be on file with the SCheduling Office.
  3. Make an effort to print quality flyers and/or literature.
  4. Plan for six weeks or more of lead-time to take full advantage of the process of scheduling and advertising an event.
  5. Plan carefully before printing materials in order to avoid printing more than can legitimately be utilized.
  6. Use other types of promotion in addition to flyers. Flyers should only be one small part of your promotional campaign.
  7. For additional ideas regarding effective promotion of your student organization’s events, consult with Campus Activities staff members in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center.

Revised April 2015.