University of Southern California

SCampus Student Guidebook

Telephone Directory


Unless otherwise noted, all phone numbers are in the 213 area code.

Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Gamble House, The

(see Architecture, School of)


Student Season Football Tickets 740-GOSC
STU 100, MC 4893

Games, Intramural and Sports

(see Recreational Sports)

Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Center

(see Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center)

Gender-Based Harm Issues

(see Center for Women and Men)

Gender Studies Program

Chair, Alice Echols 740-8286
THH 422, MC 4352, 740-6168 (FAX)

Center for Feminist Research 740-1739
Dir., Alice Echols
THH 422, MC 4352

Geographic Information Systems 740-5910

KAP 444, MC 0255, 740-9687 (FAX)

Geological Sciences

(see Earth Sciences)

Gerontology, Davis School of 740-5156

Dean, Pinchas Cohen
Vice Dean, Kelvin Davies
Assoc. Dean, Maria Henke
GER 102, MC 0191, 740-0792 (FAX)

Academic Programs and Information 740-5156
Student Services Adv., Jim deVera
GER 108, MC 0191, 740-0792 (FAX)

Andrus Gerontology Center
Assoc. Dean, Maria Henke 740-1363
GER 107, MC 0191, 740-0792 (FAX)

Library 740-5990
Head of Gerontology Library, Emily Bergman
GER 116, MC 0191, 740-8241 (FAX)

Gift Shop

(see Bookstore, University Park Campus)

Golf, Intercollegiate 740-0687

Golf, Men’s and Women’s Intercollegiate Athletic Department
Men’s Head Coach, Chris Zambri
HER 104, MC 0601, 740-5777 (FAX)
Women’s Head Coach, Andrea Gaston
HER 104, MC 0601, 740-5777 (FAX)

Gould School of Law

(see Law, Gould School of)

Government and Civic Engagement 821-2549

Government Relations
Federal Government Relations (202) 824-5860
Assoc. Sr. Vice Pres., David Brown
State Government Relations
Exec. Dir., Janet Lopez (916) 637-8983
Local Government Relations
Exec. Dir., David Galaviz 743-2230

Civic Engagement
Assoc. Sr. Vice Pres., Craig Keys 740-4583
ADM 252, MC 0018

Graduate Admission

Assoc. Dir. of Graduate Admission, Joseph Sañosa 740-1111
JHH 342, MC 0911, 821-3738 (FAX)

Admission Center 740-1111
SKS 202, MC 0911

Admission Counselors 740-1111
Admission Center
SKS 202, MC 0911

Graduate School, The 740-9033

GFS 315, MC 1695, 740-9048 (FAX)
Vice Provost for Graduate Programs, Sarah Pratt

Student Services
Asst. Dean, Shayna Kessel
Coord., Frances Fitzgerald
Thesis Coord., Lauren Evashenk

Diversity Outreach and Professional Development
Assoc. Dean, Richard Andalon
Assoc. Dir., Jesse Watson
Asst. Dir., McNair Scholars Program, Aaron Walker

Asst. Dean, Meredith Drake-Reitan
Asst., Kate Tegmeyer

Information and Technology
Assoc. Dean, Laura Yoneda
Proj. Specialist, Kamille Mosqueda
Senior Programmer Analyst, Warren Wan

Graduate Student Government (GSG) 740-5649

TCC 224, MC 3107


(see Degree Progress Department)

Graduation Ceremonies

Announcements 740-GIFT (4438)
USC Bookstores, Second Floor, MC 2540, 740-8935 (FAX)

Caps and Gowns 740-8997
USC Bookstores,Third Floor, MC 2540, 740-5743 (FAX)

Hotline 740-4001

Greek Chapters

(see Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Development, Office for) 740-2080

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