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Health Insurance

USC Student Health Insurance Plan
Executive Director: Dr. Lawrence Neinstein
(213) 740-9355

The university requires that all students have health insurance. This will help to cover the cost of health care that cannot be obtained at the Engemann Student Health Center, especially in emergency situations where hospitalization may be required. All domestic students carrying six units or more are automatically enrolled in, and charged for, the USC student health insurance plan. All Ph.D., international and Health Sciences Campus students are required to have health insurance and are automatically enrolled in this plan, even if they carry less than six units.

The health insurance plan works in conjunction with the university’s student health centers. For this reason, all students enrolled in the insurance plan are required to pay the student health fee and access their primary care at the student health center on their campus.

Although the student health fee covers most services rendered at the health center, there is a nominal fee for some services that include: laboratory tests, prescriptions, immunizations, copies of X-rays and copies of medical records.

It is important to remember that the health fee will not cover the cost of hospitalization or specialty care that cannot be obtained at the health center. For this coverage, you are required to carry supplemental health insurance.

Waiver Requirements

Enrollment in the USC student health insurance plan will only be waived and the premium charge removed from the fee bill if documented proof of health coverage from another plan is presented with the waiver request using the online waiver application. The deadlines to request a waiver are: fall 2013: September 13, 2013; spring 2014: January 31, 2014.

In order to receive a waiver of the USC student health insurance plan, the insurance presented must meet the following requirements:

  • Must provide at least $500,000 in lifetime aggregate coverage (no per incident maximums).
  • Policy must have no major exclusions: must include pharmacy coverage, mental health coverage that meets coinsurance requirements and maternity coverage (for female students).
  • Must have effective dates covering the entire semester for which the waiver is requested: fall 2013 (August 19, 2013 through January 12, 2014); spring/summer 2014 (January 13, 2014 through August 17, 2014).
  • Cover you for the entire coverage period (dates listed above).
  • Cover preventive care services at 100 percent.
  • Must have a policy year deductible of $2,500 or less.
  • Must pay for at least 70 percent of covered expenses to providers in the Los Angeles area. Emergency coverage only in Los Angeles is not accepted for a waiver.
  • Maximum out-of-pocket expense on the policy (deductible plus out-of-pocket maximum) must not exceed $7,500.
  • Must provide identification card or policy with student’s name and/or policy information allowing USC to confirm eligibility.
  • Plan document(s) in English, with currency amounts converted to U.S. dollars, and an insurance company contact phone number in the U.S. is mandatory.

For more information please email the Student Health Insurance Office at or call (213) 740-9355.

Student Health Insurance for Students Studying Overseas

Students enrolled in overseas study programs are required to have one of the insurance plans through USC. Students already enrolled in the USC plan are covered overseas. Students who waive the USC student health insurance plan are automatically enrolled in the USC overseas studies health insurance plan for the duration of their programs.

Student Dental Plan

Optional dental coverage for students is available for purchase and billed to the student’s account. Dental coverage is not automatic and must be purchased. Dependent coverage will also be available at a separate premium rate. Coverage is for the entire year and must be purchased by September 13, 2013. Spring enrollment will only be allowed for new incoming students in the spring semester. Plan details are available at

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  1. sarah Says:

    The link for info regarding dental insurance sends me to the health website that has no info about dental. Can you please provide a proper link to obtain dental insurance info?

  2. LJHolmes Says:

    I’m an online student and live in a different state am I able to sign up my dependents and I for the student insurance?

  3. GVidal Says:

    I learned the hard way that my insurance does not cover maternity for my daughter going to USC and therefore the waiver request was denied. The need for maternity coverage for dependents should be added to the waiver worksheet and also the questionnaire at the Aetna waiver submission website so people do not waste their time in vane.

  4. Kamarri Says:

    So we still have to pay $500 if we will be covered by our parents’ health insurance provider while we are at USC?

  5. svogl Says:

    You can waive out of the USC Student Health Insurance Plan if you have sufficient coverage on another plan. You can find information about that on the Schedule of Classes Website, or the Engemann Health Center Website, SV

  6. svogl Says:

    Thanks for your comment. I would suggest you contact the USC Engemann Health Center at to share your concerns.

  7. svogl Says:

    I would suggest you contact the USC Engemann Student Health Center at They will be able to answer your insurance questions.

  8. svogl Says:

    Thanks for this information. We will check this link.

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