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International Student Services

Executive Director: Tony Tambascia
(213) 740-2666
Office of International Services
Student Union 300

The Office of International Services (OIS) serves the needs of international students and visiting scholars at USC through a variety of advising services, programs and information resources. OIS is a resource center for the USC international community, and staff are available to assist with issues related to immigration regulations, personal and academic concerns, employment in the U.S., adjusting to U.S. life and more.

OIS processes essential documents needed by international students and scholars during their time at USC, and also offers numerous workshops and programs throughout the year.

Another important role of OIS is to represent the interests and concerns of international education at local, state, national and international levels. OIS advocates on behalf of students and scholars with U.S. governmental agencies as well as with university departments and academic units.

OIS is dedicated to providing excellent service to the USC international community, and is committed to furthering USC’s global initiatives through the facilitation of international exchange.

Campus and Community Programs

OIS sponsors a variety of programs that facilitate international student and scholar involvement in campus life:

English Language Program

This program offers free English language classes to individuals on F-2, J-1 and J-2 visas. Experienced teachers provide a safe environment for spouses and family members of international students and scholars to learn and improve their English. This program provides an opportunity for spouses and family members to make friends in the USC community. Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes are held Monday through Thursday from 9:30 to 11:45 a.m. in the University Religious Center.

Thanksgiving Matchup

Thanksgiving Matchup provides international students with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with an American host family in or around the L.A. area. This program is a great way for international students to learn about American culture and spend time with an American family.

L.A. Today

This program offers students the chance to experience the diverse activities that L.A. has to offer. Past events have included horseback riding in Griffith Park, skiing in Big Bear Mountain, whale watching in Orange County, attending TV show tapings, and apple picking in Oak Glen, to name a few.

Career Services for International Students

The Career Center and OIS offer workshops on job search strategies, visa options for F-1 students after graduation, and employment and tax filing procedures; both offices assist students as they transition into the professional world.

International Students’ Assembly

Representing more than 18 nationalities, ISA promotes international students’ concerns and interests, while also providing diverse cultural and educational experiences for its students. ISA’s two largest events are the International Food and Culture Fair, which highlights a range of ethnic cuisines, and International Night, an evening of cultural entertainment from around the world.


International Connection

The International Connection magazine features articles that highlight the experiences and accomplishments of USC’s international students, scholars and faculty. It also contains information about where to go and what to do in Los Angeles and Southern California. The magazine is published once per semester and is available in the OIS lobby, in various campus locations and on the OIS Website.

International Update

The International Update (IU) is OIS’ weekly e-newsletter for international students. In addition to USC international students, USC faculty, staff, alumni, international scholars and guests are able to subscribe to this e-newsletter. The IU e-newsletter informs subscribers of programs and activities of interest to international students, updates the international student population on changes to immigration and visa requirements and highlights various events at USC.

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  1. Robert Says:

    Hi, I wanted to know if you or any of the international student groups offer any travel programs around LA, around California, or even around the US?

    I was hoping to find some USC-sponsored programs that help international students see more of the US / experience more of American culture.

    If you have any information, I would appreciate you forwarding it to me.


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