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Lost and Found

University Park Campus
(213) 740-9759
Parking Structure A

Health Sciences Campus
(323) 442-1200
Health Sciences Parking Structure

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) operates the university’s Lost and Found Service. Found items are kept by DPS for a total of 90 days at both the University Park (UPC) and Health Sciences (HSC) campuses. As a private institution, the university is not legally bound by any public law regarding the handling of lost and recovered items. However, it is legally obligated to establish reasonable policies regarding such items.

The service’s hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. Advance arrangements can be made for after-hour reclamation of specific items.

If you have lost an item, you may call (213) 740-9759 at UPC or (323) 442-1202 at HSC or access the online Lost and Found database at Lost items are listed in the Lost and Found database during normal service hours and found items may be turned in at any time.

All items are locked up and cannot be recovered after 5 p.m., unless special arrangements have been made with DPS. Special security is automatically placed on cameras, jewelry and watches, and may also be placed on items that DPS deems valuable. Positive ID (i.e., accurate description of the item or items and a picture ID of the claimant) are required to reclaim any recovered item. The finder of an item may claim the item, if its prior owner does not claim it during the holding period, only if:

  • a request for such reclamation is made at the time the item is forwarded to the service;
  • a property claim agreement form is correctly and completely filled out;
  • the finder updates the contact information in the event it changes during the holding period; and
  • the finder claims the item within two weeks after the expiration of the 90 day holding period

The Lost and Found Service is not liable for releasing the item if any of the above conditions are not met.

47 comments on “Lost and Found”

  1. Katelyn Dawson Says:

    Hi my name is Katelyn.
    I was visting USC this past summer, watching the football team practice- and I left my keys on the field. I went back to that exact spot 15 minutes later and the keys were gone. There is a chance someone could have stolen them, but my hope was that someone turned them in. I went up to the athlectic department, but they had not seen any keys. I called several times the next week or teo, but no one could lead me in the right direction or even to a lost and found department, so I just let it go, but when I returned to my hometown-Indiana- my dad freaked out because the key was over $300. I know that its been more than 90 days, but is there anyway someone could take a look in a few places for me? It would be greatly appreciated. I would come in, but I am 36 hours away. It is an Infinity Key with a remote- a few key chains.. medal with 2 footsteps and one that says dream. I would pay for the shipping of the keys. Thank you so much for your time. My phone number is 317 489 8202 and my email is

  2. nancy ibrahim Says:

    Last Thursday evening, December 13, 2012, I lost a glove in or around the Annenberg Building, or enroute to the building from the parking structure. The glove is right handed, wool felt, persimmon-colored, fingerless. I wanted to bring to your attention that the on campus number listed above (740-9759) has no message and no answer; and the capsnet email link leads to “page not found.” Please be so kind as to share with me next steps for locating and retrieving my glove, if found. Thank you.

  3. Stefan Prodan Says:

    December 27, 2012 lost gray drawstring USC bag containing gold cap, football and wallet please contact 626=991=9553.

  4. Tyler Shasha Says:

    I have lost a black iPhone 5 with white apple headphones and it has no case. I lost it a week and a half ago.

  5. Tho Tran Says:

    I just lost my iPhone (714-230-5630) in either Accounting Building or TCC. Would you like to track it for me. I do not have Find my iPhone app. I have a lot of valuable information on it.

    Thank you so much.

  6. Torin Harris Says:

    I lost my keys around the RGL building around 12 o clock on wednesday the 2-13-13. Here is a brief description of the keys: Ford car keys, with push button, also 3 other keys that are color coded: orange, green and pink

  7. Yi Wang Says:

    Hi Sir/Madam,

    I lost my wallet in campus today around 11 pm. I have my USCard and Driver license in the wallet. My cellphone number is 3237181074. If someone find it and deliver to you, please call me. Thank you very much.

  8. Linda Kim Says:

    I am staff at USC and I may have misplaced my cell phone on the Parking Center shuttle I took yesterday (3/4) around 5:15 PM. It’s a dark grey phone that flips open with a keyboard–maybe Samsung? Not a smart phone. x03758.

    Thank you,

  9. Brittany Gates Says:

    I have been trying to call your office for hours but no one picks up. I lost a photography reflector on campus a few weeks ago and they told me check back later as it takes awhile to get into the system sometimes. It is in a large circular flat black zip up case. I lost it just north of the tommy Trojan. Please call me as soon as possible. 541-580-4964.
    Thank you.
    Brittany Gates

  10. Eric Chang Says:

    Lost a Math 245 blue binder with notes inside.

  11. Emily Reisner Says:

    I lost a j crew jean jacket in vkc today – anyone find it?

    thanks!!! Emily

  12. Eve Bai Says:

    I have taken a DPS van back from California hospital on Saturday morning (4/6) but I may have left my iPhone there. I have been trying to call/text the phone but no one picks it up. It’s a white iPhone 4 with no case with some cratches on the screen.
    Please send me an email if you have found it.

  13. Herman De La Roca Says:

    Hello I found a USC student ID from Peng, Cindy SI Ya, you can call me at 818-297-6582 to arrange the return of the document.

  14. Andrew Yanker Says:

    I lost my HTC One X droid last night you can email me at

  15. Luis F. Torres Says:

    Hello I lost my backpack (black with little silver desigs and a gold Zelda logo in the middle that has some items I bought yesterday (mini replica football helmet, USC red men’s tank top, white dry-fit Nike USC shirt and a hello kitty bag with a my glasses case and some items I don’t want to name but I’m willing to describe them to the DPS lost and found personnel

  16. Alana Reina Says:

    Hi I lost a silver and turquoise ring in the MRF building. Any chance someone found it and actually returned it? :)

  17. Jeramy Ov Says:

    I lost my wallet with my CSULB ID, Credit Card, Drivers Licences, and Kaizer Insurance card. Possible place it could have been around VKC, Library basement, PED.

  18. Gaurang Mahale Says:

    HI, I lost my black Google Nexus S phone on the 5:30 tram from union station to UPC on Wednesday, 25 September.I had left it on the seat in the front. Please contact me by email if you find it

  19. Christina Says:

    Hi! I left my folioplex on the tables inside the student center food court. It is black and white and is so important to me! Please call 949 735 2112, reward if found. Thank you!!!

  20. Arianna Allen Says:

    Hi, I lost my phone on Wednesday at lemonade! Please please return the phone because I don’t have ANYTHING backed up on it and I lost a lot of important pics/messages/exc. if you want to keep the phone, fine, but please have the decency to return the SIM card to the lost and found and say that you found it. It would mean the world, thanks

  21. Arianna Allen Says:

    Hi I left my phone at Lemonade on Wednesday and have desperately been trying to find it since. Please please return it if you have it, I didn’t have ANYTHING backed up and I lost so many important texts, pics, and videos. At least have the decency to return the sim card to the lost and found and say that you found it. I really just want my information back, it’s priceless to me.

  22. Fitsum Dejene Says:

    I lost my lanyard which has my ID and keys last night in the quad. Call me at 503-329-6696

  23. Chia-Man Chiang Says:

    I just lost my keys around the SOS building around 10 o’clock on Wednesday (11/13/13). Here is a brief description of the keys: one black key, two gold keys and one sliver key altogether with a long chain. Thank you.


  24. Sofie Says:

    Anyone seen an iphone with a white cover? May have been left at Hoffman Hall in the basement.

  25. Yi Tao Says:

    Hi ! I lost my USB on Monday midnight in Leavey Library second floor. It’s a small USB, the color is silver, I just want my files back, if you found please just email me the files, it’s really important to me!Thank you very much!

  26. Yuran Fu Says:

    I lost my studio notebook on a Friday, during architecture review in Harris Hall. It is very important to me. A Black B5 sketch book with spiral. Please call me at 213-716-7007 if you have found it. It has my name on the first page “Yuran” Thank you!

  27. svogl Says:

    I would suggest going to the Lost and Found Office in the USC Public Safety Office, PSA.

  28. svogl Says:

    I would suggest going to the Lost and Found Office, Public Safety, PSA.

  29. svogl Says:

    I would suggest taking it to the Lost and Found Office in the Public Safety Office in PSSA. They will contact the student directly.

  30. svogl Says:

    Check the Lost and Found office,PSA.

  31. svogl Says:

    I would suggest going to the Lost and Found Office in PSA.

  32. svogl Says:

    You should check the Lost and Found office run by Public Safety. It’s on the bottom level of Parking Structure A, PSA.

  33. svogl Says:

    You should check the Lost and Found office in PSA.

  34. Kaya Okuniewski Says:

    I lost a new small black women’s USC sweater in RGL- in the first floor room directly to the right when you walk into RGL from the front entrance. The tag is still on it, and it was in a paper USC bag. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my little sister :( Thank you!

  35. Rich Rubin Says:

    lost my iPhone 4S with a black “otterbox” rubber casing Sat Dec 7th 2013. parked on the roof in the Jefferson ave. parking structure across from the Shrine. Thanks.

  36. Mitchell Says:

    I lost my wallet on the morning of February 7. There is a lot of sentimental value attached to the items in there. I don’t care about the money, take it but I just want the wallet with everything else inside. Those things are part of me. If you have it please email me at

  37. svogl Says:

    I would suggest you contact Lost and Found in the PUblic Safety Office, PSA, 213/740-9759.

  38. svogl Says:

    I would suggest you go to the Lost and Found in Public Safety headquarters, PSA.

  39. svogl Says:

    I know this response is quite late. I’ve been wading through a lot of spam. You should go to the Lost and Found, Public Safety, PSA.

  40. svogl Says:

    You should check the Lost and Found office in Public Safety, PSA.

  41. svogl Says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I know this is a big late. This site attracts a lot of spam. You should check with Lost and Found, Public Safety Office, PSA. I know they have a great deal of things there.

  42. svogl Says:

    You could contact the Lost and Found office, Public Safety, 213/740-9759 although I’m not sure they will be able to help you since you generally have to visit the office in person and show identification.

  43. Rick Says:

    Found black Christian Lacroix note book outside of Leavey Library on 4/6/2014. No name on the Inside but it looks important. Please respond d if it’s yours and I’ll make sure you get it back.

  44. Julie Telkamp Says:

    I was at USC this weekend for Special Olympics. I lost a black cardigan and am wondering if it is item 18188 in your lost and found database. The black cardigan is size XS, and I believe the brand is Merona. If it is, please contact me at the email provided. I will be unable to visit lost and found in person as I do not live near USC and will only be here through Sunday (the end of Sprcial Games). Thank you!

  45. svogl Says:

    I would suggest you visit the Lost and Found office located in Parking Structure A, 213/740-9759.

  46. svogl Says:

    You should definitely take this item to the university’s Lost and Found Office in Parking Structure A, 213/740-9759.

  47. Mark Garcia Says:

    I was at the HSC campus today, 6/17/14, by the volleyball courts and I have seemed to lost my wallet by there or around the campus.There is a Driver License, Debit Card, Bravo HS ID Card, and other cards. Money not important just the other items. Please contact me if found at 323-570-4982. Thanks in advance!

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