F.2 University Email Notifications to Students

Email has been adopted as the primary mechanism for sending official communications to students at the University of Southern California. Students, therefore, must check email regularly in order to stay abreast of important messages and notifications. Failure to read official university communications sent to students’ official email addresses does not absolve students from knowing and complying with the content of official communications.

Faculty may use students’ official email addresses as the official out-of-class means of communicating with students registered in their classes. Students must comply with course requirements communicated to them by email.


All students are assigned an official university email address that will be maintained in the university’s email directory for at least one year after the student’s last enrollment at the university.

All official university communications for students will be sent to the student’s official university email address.

Students may forward their email from their official university email address to another email address of their choice. The university, however, is not responsible for email forwarded to another email address.

Revised April 2007.