F.9 Trojan Spirit Code Guidelines

Please encourage friends and family to honor our championship team by upholding the Trojan tradition of good sportsmanship. Alcohol is not permitted inside the stadium. Possession of alcohol, drunk or disorderly behavior, or threatening or obscene language will result in eviction from the Coliseum and permanent loss of the privilege of buying tickets in the future. Keep the Coliseum a family-friendly environment!

Treat all fans, students, staff, players, coaches, and officials in a respectful and courteous manner — win or lose/home or away.
Remember that you are responsible for your actions and how they may affect other fans and athletes, as well as the university.
Obey all rules and regulations as set forth by the university.
Join in the Trojan Spirit by supporting all student athletes and their commitment to academic and athletic excellence.
Avoid making negative remarks or gestures that disrespect opponents, their fans and their institutions.
Never forget the ideals of a Trojan — ambitious, courageous, skillful, scholarly, and faithful. Always do your best to live up to the high standards of the Trojan Family.
Send a positive message to our opponents about USC, our teams, students and fans wherever USC is playing.

Adopted April, 2007.