F.14 Medical Amnesty/Good Samaritan Policy

Because USC places a high priority on student health and safety, the purpose of this policy is to encourage students to take immediate action in the case of an emergency. Some students may be hesitant to seek help or report sexual misconduct or seek medical assistance because they fear possible disciplinary consequences for consumption of drugs or alcohol. The university aims to remove this fear by clarifying the policy so as to encourage students and organizations to report sexual misconduct and to seek assistance for themselves and others who are experiencing distress while under the influence.

Those who report sexual misconduct or participate as witnesses in sexual misconduct investigations, or who seek medical assistance for themselves or another, by contacting a Residential Assistant, calling a Department of Public Safety officer, or calling 911, will not be subject to disciplinary sanctions for their consumption of alcohol and/or other substances. Instead, these students will be directed to the appropriate services, and amnesty for alcohol or substance consumption in violation of university policies will be granted to both the reporting students and the intoxicated student in need of assistance.

This has long been our practice. The policy does not apply if a Department of Public Safety officer or a Residential Assistant confronts the student first. The policy also does not preclude disciplinary sanctions due to any other violations of the Student Code of Conduct beyond alcohol or substance consumption.

Revised April 2014.