G.4 Facilities

I. General Policies

Recognized student organizations are offered priority use of all Student Affairs venues. However, other reservations that are made prior to student reservations will not be cancelled to accommodate these higher priority programs. Recognized student organizations may also request to use classroom space, but academic scheduling has priority in these venues. Anyone using USC venues must be in compliance with university regulations regarding time, place and manner. Activities, programs or events must not interfere with other university functions. If any unscheduled activity interferes with an official university function or any other scheduled activity, it may be discontinued at the direction of the Division of Student Affairs.

Scheduling reservations shall be made on a first-come, first-served basis according to organization type, and the university cannot and does not guarantee that facilities suitable for all group needs will be provided. Requests should be made early enough to allow adequate time for processing the request, planning the event, payment of fees and advertising. No advertisement can take place before written confirmation is received.

No requests may be finalized or confirmed until arrangements have been made and approved by all USC departments having vested interest in the event, including but not limited to the Division of Student Affairs, USC Bookstores, USC Hospitality, USC Transportation, the Department of Public Safety and Fire Safety.

The University of Southern California reserves the right to cancel any event if fees are not paid by the required due date, if the group does not comply with USC policies and procedures, or if USC officials cannot ensure the safety of students, faculty, staff and/or visitors.

II. Procedures For Reserving Venues

Reservation request forms for Bovard Auditorium, Ground Zero Performance Café, Ronald Tutor Campus Center, outdoor venues and advertising spaces are available online at usc.edu/scheduling.

All reservation requests for table, banner and light pole spaces must be made by submitting reservation request forms at least two weeks prior to the event. Event requests for Bovard Auditorium, Ground Zero Performance Café, Ronald Tutor Campus Center, and the outdoor parks and plazas must be submitted to the SCheduling Office no later than four weeks prior to the event. Telephone requests are not accepted. The venue requested becomes officially confirmed only when written approval is issued.

For complete policy details, please contact the SCheduling Office at SCevents@usc.edu. An online schedule is available on the SCheduling Office’s Website (usc.edu/scheduling).

III. Programming Venues

The Division of Student Affairs operates the Ronald Tutor Campus Center, Bovard Auditorium, Ground Zero Performance Café and all outdoor areas in the center of campus. These venues may be scheduled through the SCheduling Office, usc.edu/scheduling.

Bovard Auditorium

Bovard Auditorium is a multiuse lecture/performing arts venue that seats 1,230 people with stage dimensions of approximately 37 feet by 42 feet. Information about Bovard Auditorium can be found online at usc.edu/bovard.

Ground Zero Performance Café

Ground Zero Performance Café is a student-run coffeehouse available for concerts, lectures and performances. Located on the southeast corner of campus between Marks Hall and Trojan Residence Hall, Ground Zero is a great place to hold an event or just hang out. Venue information can be found by visiting usc.edu/gzcoffee.

Outdoor Programming Venues

The SCheduling Office, SCevents@usc.edu, provides outdoor programming areas for use by recognized student organizations, campus departments and invited guests on a reservation basis. The programming areas include:

  • Alumni Park
  • Associates Park
  • E.F. Hutton Park
  • Founders Park
  • Crocker Plaza, Herbert Plaza, Pardee Plaza, Queens Courtyard, Bogardus Courtyard
  • Hahn Plaza/Tommy Trojan
  • Sections of Trousdale Parkway and Childs Way adjacent to the above locations
  • McCarthy Quad and Fred Fagg Jr. Gardens (the barbeque grill area)

Ronald Tutor Campus Center

The Ronald Tutor Campus Center is a multiuse facility that features many reservable meeting and event spaces in addition to several non-reservable lounges and study spaces. For details on available venues and reservation policies, visit usc.edu/scheduling. Programming spaces include:

  • The Grand Ballroom
  • Tommy’s Place (available for rentals on a case-by-case basis)
  • The Rosen Family Screening Theater
  • The Forum
  • More than 15 other meeting rooms

Alternate campus venues that are not managed by the SCheduling Office include:

  • Archimedes Plaza/Engineering Quad (USC Viterbi School of Engineering, (213) 740-4530)
  • Annenberg G21 Auditorium (USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, (213) 740-5297)
  • Breezeway and Bridge South Lawn (USC Marshall School of Business, (213) 740-6886)
  • Bing Theatre, (213) 740-1293
  • Childs Way sidewalk in front of the Bookstore (Bookstore, (213) 740-BOOK)
  • Cromwell Field, Cromwell Track, Dedeaux Field, Fagg Park, Howard Jones Field, Intramural Field, Lyon Center, McAlister Athletic Field, P.E. gym and pool, and tennis courts (Recreational Sports Department, (213) 740-5127)
  • Lewis Hall (USC Price School of Public Policy, (213) 740-0397)
  • Libraries (usc.edu/libraries/about/facilities_usage)
  • Theatres (contact the appropriate theatre for scheduling procedures), and
  • Village Gate Theatre (USC School of Dramatic Arts)

IV. Sound Amplification Policy

General Policies

To maintain the academic environment at the university, the use of amplified sound equipment in open areas must be approved by the SCheduling Office. Amplified sound is defined as any form of equipment (i.e., microphone, speakers, amplifiers, bullhorns, musical instruments) used to increase sound levels or any object that does not require equipment to project its sound. In some cases, large group singing is also considered amplified sound. Events involving high sound levels may not be scheduled during regular classroom instruction if the possibility of interference exists. Any recognized student organization or university department may reserve one of the designated open spaces for sound amplification.

The use of outdoor areas for amplified events is limited by the nature of the given area and the probability of interference with official university functions. In general, moderate amplification (not more than 90 decibels, “A” weighted, measured 45 feet from the front center of the stage) is allowed at Hahn Plaza (adjacent to Tommy Trojan) from noon to 1 p.m. Monday – Friday. A sound check will be permitted from 11:50 a.m. to noon. All other requests for amplified sounds will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the SCheduling Office. All outdoor venues and events after 5 p.m. will be considered for approval by the SCheduling Office.

V. Reservation Procedures

All reservation requests are processed through the SCheduling Office, (213) 740-6728.

Reservation request forms are available online at usc.edu/scheduling. Reservations will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis according to your organization type.

Scheduling procedures for tables, banners, display cases and the Trousdale light posts are addressed under Advertising, Promotion and Literature Distribution Policies (see here). All other areas are addressed in this policy.

Individuals or groups are responsible for any damage they cause. Repair or replacement costs will be charged to the group reserving the facility at the time damage is incurred.

The SCheduling Office reserves the right to relocate any event for reasons including, but not limited to, states of emergency, official university functions, an event exceeding room capacity and/or facility repair.

VI. Classrooms

The SCheduling Office facilitates requests for recognized student organizations wishing to use academic classrooms. Requests not submitted through the SCheduling Office will not be processed. Classroom requests take a minimum of five days to process.

  • Academic classes are given priority in classroom assignments.
  • Food and drinks are not permitted in classrooms.

VII. Filming

School of Cinematic Arts students wishing to film in any of the listed venues must submit the completed SCA location release form to the SCheduling Office at least 24 hours in advance of their film shoot.

Students or recognized organizations wishing to film must obtain and complete a non-SCA film shoot form from the SCheduling Office at least 24 hours in advance of their film shoot. Student filmers are subject to venue fees.

Commercial filming is booked through the USC Campus Filming Office at (213) 740-6951. Fees are determined by the Filming Office.

VIII. Cancellation of Scheduled Events

  1. Groups reserving tables, banner space or display cases must cancel at least two working days prior to the meeting or event. Groups reserving Bovard Auditorium, Ground Zero Performance Café, Ronald Tutor Campus Center, or any outdoor parks or plazas must cancel by the cancellation date listed for each venue in the Performance Venues Terms and Conditions. Failure to cancel an event will result in a violation and may incur charges for set-up and/or staff. Charges may be applied for late cancellations.
  2. If any unscheduled activity interferes with an official university function or any other scheduled activity, it may be relocated or discontinued at the direction of the Division of Student Affairs.
  3. The SCheduling Office and/or Student Life and Involvement staff reserves the right to cancel any scheduled event, in whole or in part, due to lack of payment of fees; failure to show within 15 minutes of the specified event start time; complaints received for disturbing academic classes or other events.
  4. Groups reserving space are responsible for the behavior of its members and guests. Inappropriate or disrespectful behavior may result in the cancellation and/or suspension of future reservations.
  5. Failure to comply with university policies and procedures may result in the cancellation and/or suspension of future reservations and/or scheduling privileges.

IX. Violations

Non-compliance with any of the SCheduling Office guidelines will constitute a violation. The first violation constitutes a written warning. The second violation will result in a fine determined by the nature of the violation. The third violation can result in the loss of all SCheduling Office privileges.

Revised April 2012.