G.6 Social Events

Guided by the University of Southern California’s Principles of Community, the university supports opportunities for students to promote an array of diverse views and to positively enhance the campus community through events and social programs. USC has adopted guidelines for major social and sponsored events in an effort to enrich the academic experience while maintaining the importance of safety and security within the campus community.


  1. Activities governed by this policy have the following characteristics:

    a. alcohol is present or

    b. there is amplified sound (either live or recorded)

  2. This policy is not designed to discourage events which:

    a. directly support the academic mission of the university;

    b. expand the cultural awareness of USC students; or

    c. are primarily intellectual or educational in nature.


  1.  All university recognized social events must be scheduled following procedures of the university, and all required clearances must be obtained.
  2.  Social events where alcohol is NOT provided by the host student organization are permitted Sunday through Thursday until midnight and Friday through Saturday until 2 a.m.
  3.  Social events where alcohol is served by the host student organization are ONLY permitted Thursday until midnight and Friday and Saturday until 2 a.m. Alcohol service must end by 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.

    a. Distribution of alcohol to persons under the age of 21 is prohibited.

    b. Alcohol must not be the main “focus” of the event.

    c. When alcohol is served, it is required that sufficient quantities of non-alcoholic beverages and food must be available.

  4. All members of the USC community are expected to abide by all federal, state and local laws, including those governing alcohol consumption and distribution. Under California law, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase alcohol or to possess alcohol in a public space. It is also illegal for anyone to furnish alcohol to an individual under the age of 21.
  5. Amplified sound cannot exceed 90 dBA, 50 feet from the source.68.
  6. No social events may take place during university study days or final exams.

All aspects of social events must be advertised in accordance with USC’s Advertising, Promotion and Literature Distribution policy.

Revised January 1, 2014