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Residential Education

Office for Residential Education
Student Union 200
(213) 740-2080

The Office for Residential Education fosters the holistic development of members of the USC residential community. We are committed to providing inclusive communities that create opportunities for personal and academic success in collaboration with members of the Trojan Family.

Residential Communities

Residential Colleges

USC’s residential college program has expanded to support all first-year undergraduate students. USC’s eight residential colleges provide an opportunity offered by only a few universities in the United States. These programs allow residents to live alongside USC faculty. Each residential college has a faculty master and sometimes several additional live-in faculty members. These individuals are an important part of the building’s academic and social life, hosting dinners and lectures, leading excursions into Los Angeles’ rich cultural landscape or participating in student-oriented activities.

Our residential colleges house residents of all class standings, but the on-campus programs are primarily for freshmen.

  • International Residential College at Parkside: Oliver Mayer, Faculty Master
  • Arts and Humanities College at Parkside
  • University Residential College at Birnkrant: Stan Rosen, Faculty Master
  • New Residential College: Philip Ethington, Faculty Master
  • North Residential College: Tim Biblarz, Faculty Master
  • South Residential College
  • Fluor Tower Residential College: Stanley J. Huey, Faculty Master
  • Webb Tower Residential College

Academic Special Interest Communities

There are many interest-based special interest communities at USC. Resident faculty members and visiting scholars develop significant relationships with students while continuing to teach and conduct research.

These communities include:

  • Annenberg House: Annenberg Multimedia Program
  • Arts and Humanities Residential College: Arts and Architecture Floor, Dance and Drama Floor, Creative Writing Floor, and Music Floor
  • Centennial Apartments: Occupational Therapy House
  • Century: Trojan Academy (honors community for upperclassmen)
  • Hillview Apartments: Residential Faculty Program and Chemistry Ph.D. Community
  • Honors House: Residential Faculty Program
  • New Residential College: Cinema Floor and Wellness Floor
  • North Residential College: Wellness Floor
  • Marks Hall: WiSE (Women in Science and Engineering Program)
  • Marks Tower: Great Outdoors Floor
  • Terrace Apartments: Law Program
  • Pardee Tower: Business Floor
  • Trojan Hall: Leadership Floor

Cultural Special Interest Communities

These communities foster understanding and respect for different cultures and faiths among residents.

These communities include:

  • Century Apartments: Rainbow Floor
  • Fluor Tower: Somerville Place; Latino Floor
  • Parkside Apartments: Muslim Floor; SChalom Floor

Residential Education Staff

The Office for Residential Education live-in staff includes seven full-time, professional Assistant Directors (ADs), more than 28 Residence Coordinators, Assistant Residence Coordinators, Residential College Coordinators (RCs, ARCs, RCCs), and approximately 160 graduate and undergraduate Resident Advisers (RAs). Twenty-two of USC’s prestigious faculty members and their families also live and work within the residential colleges, and more than 40 faculty and Student Affairs professionals interact with residents as Faculty/Staff Mentors (FSMs).

A Resident Adviser (RA) is an undergraduate or graduate student who lives with residents on campus as a promoter of personal growth and development. Responsibilities include: programming, emergency response, counseling and advising, leadership and government, community standards, communication, staff team development, policy enforcement, campus-wide initiatives, and liaising with other departments.

A Resident Coordinator (RC) and Assistant Residence Coordinator (ARC) are live-in RA supervisors and para-professional staff members. These positions are filled by graduate students. Responsibilities include: counseling, building government, emergency response, counseling and advising, leadership and government, community standards, communication, staff team development, policy enforcement, student conduct, judicial review and outside responsibilities in the central office. These positions ultimately report to the Assistant Director for the assigned area. ARCs directly report to the RC of the respective area.

An Assistant Director (AD) is a professional, master’s-level staff member that has 4–8 years of full-time experience before being hired at USC. An AD is responsible for the development of a supportive learning environment within an assigned residential community ranging in size from 800 to 2,100 residents. The overall responsibility is to facilitate individual students’ academic excellence and personal growth. ADs report to the Director for Residential Education. You can contact ADs at (213) 740-2080.

Residential Education Programs

Student-developed Programs

A variety of student-developed programs are offered in USC’s residential communities. For more information regarding specific events, contact your resident adviser or visit

  • North Area: Mardi Gras and the Ed Wood Film Festival
  • South Area: Deans’ Dinner, Snowball, Friday Night Scream and Spirituality Series
  • East Area: Community Block Party, Graduate and Professional Student Week
  • West Area: Players Ball, Westside Wellness Week, Cardinal Gardens Diversity Month
  • Parkside Arts and Humanities: Arts in the Park, ArtSCapades and the Music Floor Showcase
  • Parkside International: Soiree Spectaculaire, Reel World Series, Project Black Canvas, Persian New Year, Reel L.A., Indus Valley Week, IHOF (International House of Fashion), Performance Café and Language Tables
Student Government Groups

Getting involved in Residential Student Government (RSG) or building government is a tremendous opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and the residential experience for everyone in USC Housing.

Residential Student Government (RSG)

RSG serves all students who live in university housing by providing them with ways to enhance and contribute to their residential experiences. RSG is made up of five boards: Executive, Advocacy, Funding, Programming and the Building Government Chairs. At the beginning of each year, building government elections are held within each housing unit or community and one representative is chosen for each of the RSG boards. Among RSG’s many annual events are the Dive-in Movie and Welcome Dance during Welcome Week as well as Battle of the Cans, Save Tommy Night, Spirits at Troy, Shake Up and Shack Up, and Final Fling. For more information about RSG, call (213) 740-6467, email or visit STU 200-I. The RSG Website is

Building and Area Governments

Representative student governments exist in all the residential communities. These are affiliated with RSG and advised by Residential Education staff. These groups create such events as Spirits at Troy (a Halloween program for local schoolchildren) and Save Tommy Night (on the eve of the USC-UCLA football game), and participate in TrojanWars, the HICcup intramurals competition and other ongoing events.

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