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Student ID Card

Your USCard, pronounced “USC Card,” is your official student ID and is a must for all USC students. You should keep it with you at all times while on campus and is required for entering the campus after 9 p.m. Your USCard identifies you as a student and is the key to various privileges and conveniences like using the University Library system, the Lyon Recreation Center, access to your USC Housing complex, meal plan and many campus computer centers.

Your USCard is already programmed with a debit account that allows you to purchase a variety of on-campus products and services. We call it Discretionary. By making deposits into your USCard Discretionary account, you can use it instead of cash, checks or credit cards. You simply “swipe” your card. Purchases are deducted from your USCard Discretionary account and the balance declines, accordingly. You can manage your USCard online at, with options to  check your balance, review transaction history and add funds to your card. Discretionary is for on-campus use only.

There are two ways to get your USCard. Visit our customer service centers at PSX in McCarthy Quad or in the lobby of the Seaver Residence Hall on the Health Science Campus and have your picture taken.  You may also visit and submit an image. We’ve provided guidelines for the image and an example to help you. We will produce the card and contact you when your USCard is ready to be picked up. You will need a photo ID to pick up your first card.

If your USCard has been lost or stolen, please visit and immediately deactivate your card. You may also call USCard Customer Services at (213) 740-8709. Your card will be deactivated immediately, when executed online, or at the start of the next business day if reported after hours. You can request a replacement card at one of our customer service centers, noted above, or at Replacement IDs may be subject to a $25 replacement fee.

Your USCard is valid for identification purposes only. It is not used for age verification. You may be liable for any unauthorized use of your card prior to notifying the USCard Office in writing of possible loss or theft. As a USCard holder, you agree to comply with all regulations and uses of the card. USCard funds are non-transferable. If you attempt to use someone else’s USCard, you may be referred to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards.

5 comments on “Student ID Card”

  1. Debra James Says:

    I am currently enrolled with USC as an online student. I would like to get a ID card without physically attending the campus. Please advise on what is the correct procedure in obtaining my USC card.


    Debra James

  2. nkcarter Says:

    E-mail or visit for more information.

  3. David Says:

    I would like to order my USCard before orientation, but I do not have my USC Id with me, for I am in a foreign country and haven’t access to a Telephone so I can’t call tech support to retrieve it. Can I please get my USC id sent to my email?


    David K

  4. svogl Says:

    I would suggest you contact Orientation Programs,

  5. Jianzhang Wu Says:

    Good day,

    I just graduated from USC in this May, and I lost my USC ID card. And when I asked the staff in the gym, they told me that I need my USC card to get inside. So is it possible for me to have a new USC ID? And how much will it cost?


    Jianzhang Wu
    USC ID: 6766-2394-14

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