University of Southern California

SCampus Student Guidebook

Telephone Directory


Unless otherwise noted, all phone numbers are in the 213 area code.

Undergraduate Student Government 740-5620

TCC 224, MC 3107, 740-9860 (FAX)

University Advancement

(see Advancement, University)

University Communications

Marketing 740-2684
Exec. Dir., Minne Ho
CAL 140, MC 2818, 821-5774

Public Relations and Media 740-2215
Asst. Vice Pres., Carl Marziali
CAL 140 MC 2818 740-4751

University Computing Services

(see Information Technology Services)

University Events 740-6786

STO 203, MC 1142, 740-5934 (FAX)

Academic Events, Commencement, Homecoming, Global Conference
Managing Dir., Jeff Olsen

University Libraries

(see Libraries, USC)

University Publications

Dir., Sue Vogl 740-2200
740-5238 (FAX)

University Relations 740-5371

Sr. Vice Pres., Thomas Sayles 740-2316
ADM 260, MC 0018, 740-8502 (FAX)
Vice Pres., Public Relations and Marketing, Brenda Maceo 740-5371
ADM 260, MC 0018

Unruh, Jesse M., Institute of Politics 740-8964

Dir., Dan Schnur
Chief of Staff, Kerstyn Olson
VKC 263, MC 0045, 740-3167 (FAX)


MC 3108

USCard Offices

MC 1336 740-8709
Services: ID cards, deposits, customer service

HSC – SRH Lobby
MC 9163 (323) 442-2110
Services: ID cards, deposits, customer service, ticket sales, mailing services

CAL Administrative Offices
MC 2817 740-2044

Services: Image submittal – card replacement, access, deposits, meal plan selection and more

USC Ballroom and Latin Dance Team

USC Child Care Programs

(see Child Care Programs, USC)

USC Computer Store Repair

(see Computer Store, USC) 740-9100

USC Computing Centers, (USC User Rooms)

King Olympic Hall, 740-7708
KOH 206

Leavey Library Information Commons, LVL, Lower Level 740-6938
LVL, Upper Level740-7988

Salvatori Computer Center, 740-6194
SAL 125

Waite Phillips Hall, 740-7950

USC Course Catalogue 740-2200

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

Cancer Center Adm. (323) 865-0816
Dir., Stephen Gruber
NOR 8302, MC 9181, HSC, (323) 865-0102 (FAX)

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